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Banc de Binary Review

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance |

bdb logoBased in Cyprus and founded in the year 2008 right after the financial crisis, Banc de Binary is one of the safest and the leading online binary options in the marketplace. 

Registered under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission license [CySEC], Banc de Binary hosts 250,000 investors from over 80 countries. The company adheres to the legal guidelines listed by European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments directive.


Massive selections of assets that are tradable have been featured by Banc de Binary. The site covers the Forex market well. However, oil, metals, stocks, commodities and gold can be traded with the innovative trading platforms. The platform doesn’t support ETFs and CFDs. The site caters to the needs of very trader whether pros or beginners.


Banc de Binary is simply unbeatable when it comes to its unique trading platforms. The platforms aim at satisfying the needs of the traders. The trading platforms are web based and they need to be installed upon downloading. These platforms can be downloaded from anywhere if the user can access web.

The platform is well suited for beginners and focuses on the trading fundamentals. The One Touch platform offers speedy and exciting trades online with up to 500% returns.


Four kinds of trading accounts are featured by Banc de Binary. These have been tweaked to meet the requirements of traders of all categories.  The Micro Silver account is a classic account for the beginners and requires one to deposit a minimum of €250.  However, it lacks direct support from the team of analysts as well as the education classes. The Gold, Premium and Reserved Account is reserved for the traders who deposit money more that €50k. Banc de Binary as well features Islamic trading accounts that facilitates commission free hiba and comes with a No Riba policy.

banc de binary accounts


The benefits that can be availed by the clients of Banc de Binary are entirely dependent on the deposit amount during the registration process. Traders can make deposits through Alert Pay, Skrill, third party credit cards and wire transfer. Traders need to log in to their accounts and choose the Deposit option. The transaction details need to be entered and the method needs to be chosen. The funds land in the account of the traders upon confirmation.

Deposit Bonus

Clients who deposit bonus during registration are awarded with bonuses. 100% match bonus is the standard deal offered to the clients. A trader making a deposit of €1.2k is given an additional €1.2k. Apart from the sign up bonus, various other bonuses such as the re-deposit bonus and senior executive bonuses are offered to the traders registering with Banc de Binary.

Trading App

Banc de Binary offers the convenience to its traders to trade from any corner of the world through its free Android and iPhone apps. The apps offer trading platforms which are fully functional. The trading environment has been designed keeping in mind offering unique mobile experience.

Educational Tools

Banc de Binary offers various options to its clients to educate themselves on the tactics of good trading. They offer useful information to the traders with the Education Center. Free video courses and eBooks are offered which help the beginners to get acquainted with the industry specific terminologies.

Customer Service 

Banc de Binary offers impeccable service. The customer support is offered in standard languages including English, French, Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. The support staff is helpful, reachable 24/7and proficient.


Banc de Binary has got everything if you looking for excellent binary trade options, an integrated tech platform and trading assistance. This company has gained immensely popular for offering excellent trading experience and service.

banc de binary awards



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What you Need to Know about Binary Options Signals

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in Finance |

Trading in stock is transforming to be one of the most profitable economic activities across the globe. However, there is a downside. As much it is profitable, the risk involved is also up to the same degree and the working hours to be put in is enormous.

One will think how the working hours are enormous. You can think it in two ways, first, when you use offline means. In this phase, you will have to collect all the matter of content and material documents, analyses them one by one and the make decisions. Second, when you opt for online means, you will have to keep refreshing the webpage to gain knowledge about the latest statistics in town.

bs2Luckily, there is a solution to the above stated problem. There is no involvement of hiring a broker or even large investments! Cannot believe? Read On.

Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals is a free tool to help traders get the latest and detailed information about the trading market, whether be it ups or downs. There are many companies dealing in this kind of software, while some of them provide it free, others tend to charge a handsome amount for the professional grade services offered.

As you will ask the information, by the company or the complete trading market, you will be greeted with the same content on your screen. Generally, in addition to the details, you will also be greeted with a diagram that will depict the condition of the market over the period you have selected.

You will also be able to browse through the details of the same company for previous years, ever since the listing of it in the stock exchange!

How does this work?

Binary Optical Signal software are designed to stay updated with the official servers of the governing stock market of the whole world. All the information you will see is directly fetched from the stock market exchange, therefore can be relied upon.

The information is calculated, in comparison with the previous data. A list is prepared and the highest grossers are listed out for you. If the software can, an alert will be send out to you in the form of email, text message or sound notifications.

Directly from the software, you will be able to revert to the market to purchase the stocks.

When you choose a binary options signal provider all that is left is to pick the most profitable broker. We highly recommend CTOption for beginners and experienced traders. You can read this review to get started.

Benefits of such software

Following are the benefits of Binary Options Signals software:

  • Profit Maximization: Thanks to the timely check provided by such software on the market conditions, you will be able to grab the best deals currently trending in the town. The paid software is just one time investment, and rest you will earn profits for the time you have bought the license for the software.
  • Save time and effort: The software will notify you whenever any profitable deal is available for grabs. You need not put in any manual efforts and not even check for the deals every now and then.
  • Budget friendly: The software does not cost whopping figures. Being alternatives available, you can choose another company’s software to cut down on cost. This proves to be great for the start-up companies with relatively low level of investment.


Where to get such software?

This software is available through both online and offline means. Following is a guide to get the software through either of the means.

  • Online means: You can dig the query on any of your preferred search engines. Browse through the results and websites to find what will be suitable for you. If you want, you can also compare the features of the software with a similar one developed by other company to get the best deal. Any payment shall be done via the means specific, which generally include debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. An installation link and code shall be delivered to your email specified and the software should be downloaded and installed.
  • Offline means: Just visit any of your nearby software stores and located an installation disk of the software. Purchase the CD if you like the set of features and price bracket. Install the software through the CD, onto your device and if asked for, enter the activation code that will be enclosed in the casing.

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Free Money System Review

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Finance, For beginners |


1564512Free Money System is binary option trading software program. For all the people who are really trying to expand their business, these types of software’s systems are designed to support customers. But, there is an endless discussion is going on reviewing this software’s.  Most of the customers say that binary trading is risky and it is vital to avoid such scams.

While on other hand, in order to get high return on investment, Free Money system plays a vital role in such situations. The software takes the guess work by using mathematical algorithm which helps in out choosing a winning profitable trade.


What is Binary Trading or Binary Options?

Most of the people don’t know about the concept of Binary Options. A Binary Option is finance term, which pays off to any two possible outcomes, either a fixed financial amount or nothing at all. Typically, it is a continuous spectrum of a payoff series. Binary trading can be done with currency, stock, index or a commodity such as Gold, Silver, Oil, NASDAQ, Google and Amazon.

Each of these has a current value, right before you’re ready to make a trade or a bid on them. The Online Trading relies on the ability of the users to predict – what the value will be sometime in the future. Given the current value, you can estimate what the future value is.

Types of binary Options

There are two types of Binary Options. Most of the traders get confused between the two. Trader is free to choose from any one of them. These are listed below-

  • The Cash or nothing, binary option: It is an option that pays a fixed amount of cash. It is also known as Touch Option. This concept is based on different number of varieties that is – NO TOUCH, TOUCH and DOUBLE TOUCH. The cash binary option comes with predefined charges that are desirable to come in the first deal, rather than the dealer merely forecasting whether the value of the underlying asset will increase or decrease.
  • The Asset or nothing, binary option: It is also known as digital option. It is mostly used in Forex markets. The most common is the Digital Option or often referred to as the UP/DOWN Option and the CALL/PUT Option. The dealer seats a CALL if the customer considers the cost will finish up the above the entrance of price after the termination of the contract.


What is Free Money System?

Free Money System or FMS is a free system software application that alerts its customers when a money-making binary trade is recognized. The software’s send a clear visible signals to on time to the customer. This is because; the customer can trade on the right time. The software applies a complex mathematical algorithm and calculates the probability of wining the trade/ bid and when the probability of winning is high – alerts are sent out.

With this semi-automated way of doing trading, it allows even beginners to enter this lucrative business of binary trading. The software maker will get a small proportion of commissions from the customer’s prize money bids, depending on the winning sum. Although if you prefer using fully automative system that does the trading for you the best one is Binary Option Robot.



How to use Free Money System?

There are only three simple steps involved in trading using the software. These are listed below-

Step I: You need to register on the software with your email address. This is highly important, fill in your email address. Use the id that you haven’t registered with before.

Step II: Once you have confirmed you’re email address, you will get an access on the software. Then, you can see all the binary trading cost details.

Step III: Once you choose from the various binary options, you can invest in any one of them. This can be done simply, by depositing a sum of amount for purchasing a binary. Once you deposit the money, you’ll get a notification on the email. Then you’ll be able to see binary signals on the screen of the software that will tell you what to sell or buy.

The Reality of Free Money System

Businesses are totally depending upon the customers. Most of the business just gain profits by getting high traffic on their websites. Web presence is more effective than social media marketing. People are losing money. The business companies that promote these software systems don’t even know what the process of trading is.

What happens is that, these businesses make thousands of promotional pages to explain you what to do to make billion bucks in life. But, the reality is that these companies will make you feel good by showing you how much money you can make. Each of your investment is independent of the other Binary value. You don’t have any reason to believe that you would be correct more often than the software would be wrong.

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Things That You Need to Know About Binary Options Robots

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in For beginners |

need to knowIt is necessary to know about the concept of binary options and their benefits first in order to completely understand about binary options robots. Only two possible outcomes are offered in this type of trading where the result can be all profits or nothing at all. Investors who choose to trade the binary options can benefit hugely from this as they can earn huge profits in just a short period of time. While it is simple to do it is also risky as well and hence a thorough research must be done by the investors before considering doing the binary options trading and carefully thinking about how much capital they would like to invest on the assets.

The binary options robot is a relatively new concept in the trading market which can help guide people to achieve potential earnings in an easy and simple way. These binary options robots are known to be the auto traders and signal providers which enable the investors to obtain higher success rates in the trading.

What is a binary option robot?

A binary option robot is basically a platform for trading that performs all your transactions depending on the style of trading and various signals. The investors who would choose to make use of these binary options robots will actually have only a limited control on this robot. Though users have a limited control, they can still be utilized as they notice the trends in the market continuously and thus you can have a much larger chance for success in the trade. The binary options can bring you extremely large earnings though they can also be risky to trade with, particularly for those new comers to the trading field without a good expertise in trading. The binary options robot takes over your computer and does the job of executing the trades on your behalf. These robots are the specialists in binary options trading which you can always have by your side that will take care of everything that needs to be done based on different situations in the trading.

Different types of binary options robots

There are different types of robots in the trading market that are known to have their own benefits and drawbacks. Hence the investors are advised to perform a thorough research before beginning to trade using these robots and choose the best type that will have a better chance of bringing you profits in the trading. This is a very crucial step and hence every investor should spend some time and find the suitable one according to their needs and to avoid problems in the future.

The users must clearly understand what they have to offer before using them for trading. The investors must be logged in to use the binary options robot at the same time when they are also signed into their trading account. This options trading robot will run in the background when you can do some other work in your computer. It will just do whatever is necessary to win earnings for you.

Hence investors should utilize these binary option robots that provide you better chances of achieving success in trading easily. The concept of binary options robots is the new innovation in the binary options trading field that has helped many investors to taste success and more profits in a short time. The trading field often involves risks which are also true in the case of these binary options robots but the specialists claim that it is very safe to use these robots in trading. This helps those investors who are inexperienced and new to the field of trading.

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The best Options Trading Brokers

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Finance, Trading Forex |

For investors who are looking to diversify, options are a versatile and useful investment strategy. You need to minimize your total costs per trade or contract if you are looking for the best online brokers, besides stocks, for trading options. The main difference between futures and options trading is, for example, if an investor buys options, this gives them the right to sell or buy the asset at a given date instead of requiring them to. In the meantime, an investor who holds a futures contract is compelled to perform the contract at the price and time specified.

The best online brokers for trading options in general:


  • For volatility traders this is a top option, as it offers predictable volatility of an option sequence with a quick look on instability graphs.
  • Also, commission Per Trade: $10.00 plus 0.85 per contract
  • Account Minimum: $1,999
  • Promotion: Trade free for sixty days and get up to six hundred dollars when you open an account


Option Trade:

–  The top tools for traders as well as features the most pricing flexibility

–  Commission Per Trade: $5.90 plus $0.60 per contract

–  Account Minimum: $1,999

–  Promotion: With hundred and fifty free trades Options House will provide you and when you fund a new account with five thousand dollars.

Lowest Cost Options Trading – if price is the most important



  • With a fast and powerful platform combines the cheapest all around pricing.
  • Commission Per Trade: five dollars per trade plus $0.20 per contract.
  • Account Minimum: $1,999
  • Promotion: With $100,000 in virtual funds it offers a free online trading simulator.


lightspeedlogoLight speed:

–  The most complex and advanced options trading platform

–  Commission Per contract: $0.70

–  Account Minimum: $9,000

–  Promotion: None


Best Data Analysis Tools and Software with easily customizable features



  • This one is rated as the best platform technology in general, offers some of the fastest trade execution that are combined with powerful analysis tools
  • Commission Per Trade: one dollar per contract
  • Account Minimum: $6,000
  • Promotion: offering ninety days of free trades

Interactive brokers:

–  The features that are most customizable

–  Commission Per contract: $0.85

–  Account Minimum: $9,000

–  Promotion: $2,000 minimum deposit if under age twenty six


Choosing the Right Trading Account:

If you know precisely what premium features you are seeking and do not see them in this article written above, there is an easy way to search all accessible brokerage accounts that make trading options and futures available to you.  By inputting your desired features into brokerage comparison tool by Nerd Wallet, it returns the best accounts that meet your requirements, so you can contrast and compare your options to find the lowest cost alternative. We hope that you will find the perfect one and the best premium features that you are looking for. So, are you ready to start making some money? The choice is yours. All you need to do is to search the one that you think is the best for you and to start making some real money.

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Options Trading Platform

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Stock market tips |


Trading commodities as Binary Options are not that hard. With non-stop access to the latest global news, foretelling a change in the cost of commodities is probably the simplest way for new Binary Options traders to make money in the markets.

The biggest tip that a trader can give a person concerning trading commodities is the same as it is with trading everything else: You need to know your asset, know what influences its price, keep an eye on the news and place Binary Options on commodities only when your decisions are backed by firm data! But don’t forget there are scam sites for Binary Options trading. You can save yourself a lot of time by using some websites (scanners). One of them is, there you will get all the information that you need about your broker.


In Binary Options, the most heavily traded commodities are gold and oil. Commodities like oil are attracted to traders, and particularly to novice traders, because the events that affect their prices are constantly in the news. News like a threat of war or a change in a Government of an oil producing nation, disruptions to pipelines, increased and decreased manufacturing outputs in major economies, have a big demand on the supply and demand curve, and therefore, they also have an impact on the price of oil.

Some commodities have strong links to currency prices. Before a trader enters a position on commodities, he needs to take a look on the currency market. Certain commodities are correlated with other assets, and particularly currencies, as we have already mentioned. Canada is one of the biggest exporters of oil to the United States of America, so if the price of oil is going up, you can place a Binary Option on US Dollar/Canadian Dollar to go down. The same goes for the Australian Dollar and gold. Australia is the world’s third biggest exporter of gold, so a rising gold price has a predictably positive impact on the Australian Dollar.

Because many commodities are denominated in US Dollars, a weaker Dollar drives up demand, and therefore, it drives up the price of oil. A Binary Options trader that understands this connection is in a position to profit. But others also profit when the price of oil goes up, such as co800Chartmpanies like Chevron and Exxon Mobil. So, an up Binary Option on a share price of oil companies is an excellent correlated trade.

The best way to start trading commodities in Binary Options is to practice. Open a demo account and follow the news. See if you can start making the connections. When you become confident in your ability to spot a cause and its affect on a commodity price, than you can think about using your real-life money account.

So, to profit from commodities, you have to follow world news, and recognize the butterfly effect they have on the price of assets such as gold, oil or corn. That means that a good trader understands how the world works and tries to make a profit from that knowledge by investing in a thing that he believes will have its price go up in a near future. And, basically, that’s what trading is – making a good prediction, and following your gut.

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