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Things That You Need to Know About Binary Options Robots

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in For beginners |

need to knowIt is necessary to know about the concept of binary options and their benefits first in order to completely understand about binary options robots. Only two possible outcomes are offered in this type of trading where the result can be all profits or nothing at all. Investors who choose to trade the binary options can benefit hugely from this as they can earn huge profits in just a short period of time. While it is simple to do it is also risky as well and hence a thorough research must be done by the investors before considering doing the binary options trading and carefully thinking about how much capital they would like to invest on the assets.

The binary options robot is a relatively new concept in the trading market which can help guide people to achieve potential earnings in an easy and simple way. These binary options robots are known to be the auto traders and signal providers which enable the investors to obtain higher success rates in the trading.

What is a binary option robot?

A binary option robot is basically a platform for trading that performs all your transactions depending on the style of trading and various signals. The investors who would choose to make use of these binary options robots will actually have only a limited control on this robot. Though users have a limited control, they can still be utilized as they notice the trends in the market continuously and thus you can have a much larger chance for success in the trade. The binary options can bring you extremely large earnings though they can also be risky to trade with, particularly for those new comers to the trading field without a good expertise in trading. The binary options robot takes over your computer and does the job of executing the trades on your behalf. These robots are the specialists in binary options trading which you can always have by your side that will take care of everything that needs to be done based on different situations in the trading.

Different types of binary options robots

There are different types of robots in the trading market that are known to have their own benefits and drawbacks. Hence the investors are advised to perform a thorough research before beginning to trade using these robots and choose the best type that will have a better chance of bringing you profits in the trading. This is a very crucial step and hence every investor should spend some time and find the suitable one according to their needs and to avoid problems in the future.

The users must clearly understand what they have to offer before using them for trading. The investors must be logged in to use the binary options robot at the same time when they are also signed into their trading account. This options trading robot will run in the background when you can do some other work in your computer. It will just do whatever is necessary to win earnings for you.

Hence investors should utilize these binary option robots that provide you better chances of achieving success in trading easily. The concept of binary options robots is the new innovation in the binary options trading field that has helped many investors to taste success and more profits in a short time. The trading field often involves risks which are also true in the case of these binary options robots but the specialists claim that it is very safe to use these robots in trading. This helps those investors who are inexperienced and new to the field of trading.

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The best Options Trading Brokers

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Finance, Trading Forex |

For investors who are looking to diversify, options are a versatile and useful investment strategy. You need to minimize your total costs per trade or contract if you are looking for the best online brokers, besides stocks, for trading options. The main difference between futures and options trading is, for example, if an investor buys options, this gives them the right to sell or buy the asset at a given date instead of requiring them to. In the meantime, an investor who holds a futures contract is compelled to perform the contract at the price and time specified.

The best online brokers for trading options in general:


  • For volatility traders this is a top option, as it offers predictable volatility of an option sequence with a quick look on instability graphs.
  • Also, commission Per Trade: $10.00 plus 0.85 per contract
  • Account Minimum: $1,999
  • Promotion: Trade free for sixty days and get up to six hundred dollars when you open an account


Option Trade:

–  The top tools for traders as well as features the most pricing flexibility

–  Commission Per Trade: $5.90 plus $0.60 per contract

–  Account Minimum: $1,999

–  Promotion: With hundred and fifty free trades Options House will provide you and when you fund a new account with five thousand dollars.

Lowest Cost Options Trading – if price is the most important



  • With a fast and powerful platform combines the cheapest all around pricing.
  • Commission Per Trade: five dollars per trade plus $0.20 per contract.
  • Account Minimum: $1,999
  • Promotion: With $100,000 in virtual funds it offers a free online trading simulator.


lightspeedlogoLight speed:

–  The most complex and advanced options trading platform

–  Commission Per contract: $0.70

–  Account Minimum: $9,000

–  Promotion: None


Best Data Analysis Tools and Software with easily customizable features



  • This one is rated as the best platform technology in general, offers some of the fastest trade execution that are combined with powerful analysis tools
  • Commission Per Trade: one dollar per contract
  • Account Minimum: $6,000
  • Promotion: offering ninety days of free trades

Interactive brokers:

–  The features that are most customizable

–  Commission Per contract: $0.85

–  Account Minimum: $9,000

–  Promotion: $2,000 minimum deposit if under age twenty six


Choosing the Right Trading Account:

If you know precisely what premium features you are seeking and do not see them in this article written above, there is an easy way to search all accessible brokerage accounts that make trading options and futures available to you.  By inputting your desired features into brokerage comparison tool by Nerd Wallet, it returns the best accounts that meet your requirements, so you can contrast and compare your options to find the lowest cost alternative. We hope that you will find the perfect one and the best premium features that you are looking for. So, are you ready to start making some money? The choice is yours. All you need to do is to search the one that you think is the best for you and to start making some real money.

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Options Trading Platform

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Stock market tips |


Trading commodities as Binary Options are not that hard. With non-stop access to the latest global news, foretelling a change in the cost of commodities is probably the simplest way for new Binary Options traders to make money in the markets.

The biggest tip that a trader can give a person concerning trading commodities is the same as it is with trading everything else: You need to know your asset, know what influences its price, keep an eye on the news and place Binary Options on commodities only when your decisions are backed by firm data! But don’t forget there are scam sites for Binary Options trading. You can save yourself a lot of time by using some websites (scanners). One of them is, there you will get all the information that you need about your broker.


In Binary Options, the most heavily traded commodities are gold and oil. Commodities like oil are attracted to traders, and particularly to novice traders, because the events that affect their prices are constantly in the news. News like a threat of war or a change in a Government of an oil producing nation, disruptions to pipelines, increased and decreased manufacturing outputs in major economies, have a big demand on the supply and demand curve, and therefore, they also have an impact on the price of oil.

Some commodities have strong links to currency prices. Before a trader enters a position on commodities, he needs to take a look on the currency market. Certain commodities are correlated with other assets, and particularly currencies, as we have already mentioned. Canada is one of the biggest exporters of oil to the United States of America, so if the price of oil is going up, you can place a Binary Option on US Dollar/Canadian Dollar to go down. The same goes for the Australian Dollar and gold. Australia is the world’s third biggest exporter of gold, so a rising gold price has a predictably positive impact on the Australian Dollar.

Because many commodities are denominated in US Dollars, a weaker Dollar drives up demand, and therefore, it drives up the price of oil. A Binary Options trader that understands this connection is in a position to profit. But others also profit when the price of oil goes up, such as co800Chartmpanies like Chevron and Exxon Mobil. So, an up Binary Option on a share price of oil companies is an excellent correlated trade.

The best way to start trading commodities in Binary Options is to practice. Open a demo account and follow the news. See if you can start making the connections. When you become confident in your ability to spot a cause and its affect on a commodity price, than you can think about using your real-life money account.

So, to profit from commodities, you have to follow world news, and recognize the butterfly effect they have on the price of assets such as gold, oil or corn. That means that a good trader understands how the world works and tries to make a profit from that knowledge by investing in a thing that he believes will have its price go up in a near future. And, basically, that’s what trading is – making a good prediction, and following your gut.

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Binary Options Trading Platform Demo

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Trading Forex |

Your state of habitation assumes no part when trading binary options on “Opteck” online platform. Our workplaces are all inclusive dispersed to upgrade you with a 100 percent web based platforms perfectly all over the globe. Either you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Japan, or anyplace else on the planet, your exchanging is secure and functioning.

Safe conditions for trading

The “Opteck” has put widely in its precise and secured electronic exchanging stage to permit its clients a totally sheltered and private exchanging knowledge. The site has been tried by the most experienced web specialists and it is programmer safe. Besides, you appreciate an easy to use stage without the normal glitches that most brokers have developed to expect on other platforms for trading.

Get support from a group of specialists

By exchanging on our platform, the users are bolstered by a group of experts. The directors at “Opteck” are experts in the electronic commercial ventures and budgetary danger administration. In view of the dealers’ advantage, our administration has added to an incredibly famous exchanging stage that indulges the needs of starting merchants, expert, and organizations.

Exchange with liquidized resources

You can trade in currency pairs, indices, stocks, and commodities. And it’s all from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world that might to be.

Traders are given the chance to put resources into an assortment of advantages, the decision of benefit is completely subjected to your exchanging inclination; you can exchange money sets, files, stocks, and items. Also, it is all from the solace you could call your own home, regardless of where on the planet that may be.

Have an insight in your account whenever and wherever you want

Binary Options trading on “Opteck” is conceivable through any computer, portable computer, advanced mobile phone and tablet gadget. To begin exchanging everything you need is some great will and Internet. As we are acquainted with the brokers’ constantly developing requirement for availability, we have discharged you from the connection to constraining gear.

The list of binary options platforms:24

Demo platform “Merchant Workstation”

The “Trader Workstation” is our full-offered Java exchanging and request administration application. This demo reflects the generation form in both structure and capacity, with the exception of that market information is recreated in light of the earlier week’s “ticks”, and requests are not really performed .

Demo “Web-Trader”

This Demo is a trading application based on HTML intended for utilization behind a firewall and for clients who may not require the full-offered advancement of the Trader Workstation. Right now, “Web-Trader” incorporates just constrained usefulness to backing multi-customer record structures, for example, counselors. The demo reflects the creation adaptation of “Web-Trader” with the exception of that market information is recreated taking into account the previous ticks and requests are not really performed.

Demo “Forex”

This demo incorporates the same highlights and postponed information as the fundamental “TWS” demo with essential concentrate on the Forex-Trader exchanging apparatus, which is shown on login and prepopulated with information. If you need a cherrytrade demo account or any other demo account follow this link.

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Option trading platform Singapore

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Trading Forex |

A global provider of inventive foreign exchange trading services – OANDA, has won 2 awards in a specialist financial services research agency, in Singapore from Investment Trends. OANDA was ranked as number one for the 3rd year running for “Highest Overall Client Satisfaction”, and it was also rewarded “Value for Money” in forex. Also, OANDA has won 2 awards every year the review has been conducted by Investment Trends. The awards are based on a survey conducted by Investment Trends that received responses from 11,763 investors and traders in Singapore.

K Duker, CEO of OANDA said that those awards are familiar with OANDA’s permanent efforts to improve their trading platform and develop new features, together with their commitment to ensure clients with high quality experiences of forex trading backed by great customer support. It was nice to see that OANDA’s clients are pleased with easy-to-use and reliable FX trading platform: its innovative features, better quality of execution and tight spreads. The winning award is seen highly impressive for highest satisfaction in general.

It was a testament of their hard work and emphasizes their goal to be the most trusted partner for retail forex traders.

A global research firm – Investment Trends – has been conducting studies in the retail FX, CFD and online broking markets for over ten years. Conducted in September 2012, the review is the most extensive and the largest study on the Singapore FX and CFD market, analyzing how traders and investors rate the leading CFD and FX providers.

They are delighted to be recognized by forex traders for their technology leadership and their reputation for superiority in client service. Although, Singapore is a very competitive ma23rket, and yet OANDA has a constantly growing number of clients because traders trust services that OANDA offers. They have raised their market share and they are pleased to see that traders are familiar with their commitment to help them succeed in the unstable FX market. It authenticates their work in providing innovative tools, information and data traders need – from traditional news sources, industry experts, social networks and OANDA’s own collective market data – said Marion Lang, who is the Head of Sales and Marketing for OANDA.

OANDA Corporation has changed the business of foreign exchange in the course of an inventive approach to forex trading. FxTrade – the company’s leading online trading platform – introduced a number of 1st to the marketplace, as well as instant settlement on trades; immediate execution; 24/7 trading; trades of any size between one unit and ten million units; and interest calculated by the second. The first online provider of comprehensive currency exchange information was OANDA, and today the company’s OANDA Rate data are the standard rates for corporations, central banks and auditing firms.

OANDA Corporation has 7 offices worldwide, in London, Chicago, Singapore, New York, Tokyo, Zurich and Toronto. OANDA is completely regulated by the United States National Futures Association, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, , the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the UK Financial Services Authority, and the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

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Binary option trading platform reviews

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Trading Forex |

In order to succeed, every Binary Options broker needs a powerful trading platform. Because the Binary Options industry is growing quickly, existing and new platforms are upgraded and reinvented to make sure that trading is simple and fast. All Binary Options platforms have their own special features and they shouldn’t be undervalued while choosing the right Binary Options broker. In this article we are going to show you some of the major platforms with general presentation.

  1. SpotOption Platform

 This platform brings an easy and quick way to produce profits all the way through the least amount of efforts from the side of the operator, and maintains to provide the best BO (Binary Options) solution to internet surfers, traders and investors. Its flexibility, ease of use and power are well known to in the BO industry as they can be the largest binary options platforms provider. GTOptions, BBinary, TradeRush and Redwood Options are using SpotOption platform amongst the Binary Options Brokers.

  1. Tradologic Platform

Tradologic great platform is not yet completely acknowledged by the Binary Options community. Tradologic Platform looks very much like the more popular SpotOption, but provides some special features of its own, such as the Touch and Range options and some other trading tools such as close now and rollover options. This platform seems like it is on its up, continuously improving the trading platform. However, Tradologic approach to binary options is like kind of a “gambling” approach. The thing is that they believe this type of trading as gaming, and for that reason the platform has more short terms options and less analytic tools. CedarFinance, Option Yard and OptionBid are using Tradologic platform amongst the Binary Options Brokers.

  1. Anyoption™ Platform

 This platform is a hundred percent web-based binary options trading platform and it is a simple platform for beginners and its variety seems to be unusual as it reaches out to the US, European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets as well. Even though is launched at 2009, this platform hasn’t sold its platform to any other broker. The thing is that they decided to keep their innovative technology only for themselves, which makes this platform – Anyoption™ – a truthfully one of kind Binary Options trading platform. The technology which is employed in this platform is fairly speedy and it helps a lot in saving time and it is completely secured. The platform is more United States type binary options with 1-100 options.

  1. StockPair Trading Platform

 This platform introduces – Pair Options Trading as an thrilling new way of trading options. This platform lets you to choose 2 pairs of assets (currencies, Indices, stock, commodities) from a long list of pairs which are available, the lower/higher the chosen pair will be in a certain expiration time will generate traders up to three hundred percent from just 1 trade. Recently more and more brokers started to accept this type of trading, but the first one was StockPair. Close to Anyoption, they developed their platform from the ground up and their website is the only place where you will find it.


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